Don’t repeat 2013

Don’t repeat 2013

2014 is here.  Seems like it accelerated towards us like a peregrine falcon in full dive.peregrine falcon

Where did 2013 go and what really got done?

I think your natural enthusiasm for 2014 may depend on how you answer that question.

If 2013 fulfilled your expectations, or was part of your unfolding plan of ambition, you will naturally be optimistic and in a positive mood for 2014.

But if not, facing a new year can be a bit like watching an old movie for the tenth/twentieth time.  You can predict how it will play out: the hero just getting another year older with nothing special happening in her life.

So if you’re in the second category make sure 2014 isn’t a 2013 repeat.   Here’s some perspective to help put some wind in your sails.

Life really is all about the journey

wingtip sunsetWhat happens to you while you’re on your way to somewhere is what it’s all about.  Once you get there, you’ll need to plan another trip, otherwise you get bored.  Also, it’s your relationship with the people you share the journey with that make life worthwhile.  NOT money!   Don’t have any 2014 destinations or goals?  Make sure you have them before January breezes by.  Then you can start the journey.

Don’t worry about lack of success, or under-achievement

Even very successful people—people with obviously large achievements—often feel like they haven’t done anything.  You may just need a friend to help you realize what you have achieved, but if you’re still not impressed then make a ‘bucket list’ and start planning when you’ll do each one.  This is important because …

It’s all about your mood

Handling your mood about 2014, is 90% of the job.  Being in a good mood e.g. moods of passion, hopefulness, happiness etc. will magically create space for you to act and get stuff done.

Being in bad moods e.g. moods of resignation, cynicism, pessimism etc., will just as magically confine you to the spot you’re currently in.  Think of how you feel about doing a shitty job when you know you’re going on a great holiday.  You’ll happily do it …because you’re in a good mood about your vacation.

So think of what helps you change your mood.  Exercise, laughter and music helps me.  If you’re really down, talk with a good friend, a mentor, a teacher or someone who you trust is on your side and who is not afraid to tell you like it is.

Also, why not plan little vacations or things you like at the end of every month.  Use them as rewards for getting stuff done.  Which brings me to this last point about having a great 2014.

Do the work

As Stephen Pressfield says, just do the work.

When it comes down to it, everything you value in life—good health, loving relationships, education, material things—comes with a price, be it money, effort, time or attention; usually all four.  If you want your life to be different, or better in some way you simply have to do the work to make it happen.

Blaming anything or anyone else for the way your life is turning out will only guarantee that your life won’t turn out the way you say you want it.  For that to happen—get off your butt and do the work.

To find each other, and to feel … that is the purpose of life

Quote from the secret life of Walter Mitty



Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.