Must everything change?

Ever marvel at how fast the world is changing?  Consider the following:

  • Kids today have never used far less seen a rotary telephone.
  • Microsoft is now an underdog.
  • Google now looks vulnerable
  • Facebook is the new big brother
  • The ipod is old news, and the iPad soon will be too.

If ever there was a time to take up meditation it’s now.

Now! Get it?

So much for spiritual humor.

What can you hang on to?  Seems as the world rapidly moves from one life-changing phenomenon to another, we need some unchangeables to hang onto, unchangeables that provide the security, grounding and stability we need to have the experience of peace, and love in our lives.

For me, my unchangeables are the relationships that have worked and developed well over the years; my relationships with good friends, loved ones, a few business associates and clients, French bread and pop-corn.

Everything changes, but some things at least provide an illusion of stability that helps us adjust to everything else that is morphing before our eyes.

Right now, I’m seeing one of my unchangeables fighting for his life—my step-dad.

Pneumonia at any age is life-threatening, far less for when you’re in your early eighties.    I’m praying that he beats it with enough strength for his follow up cancer treatments.  I’m praying that he’s allowed a few more good years with us before it’s his time to move on.

Yes, nothing remains the same.  It’s a pity that most of us don’t realize that until it’s very late—sometimes too late.

As my step-dad told a friend that came to visit, “It all comes to an abrupt end.”

From where he’s laying, it surely seems that way.

(Go tell a loved one how much they mean to you.)

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.