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Now on to some good news (my last post was not so cheerful).  I’ve been working with a company called LightThread to develop a review site for the courses and coaches in personal growth and development.  I launched a beta version of the site yesterday and you can read the press release by clicking on the News & Events tab on this site.  I’m very excited.

There are thousands of seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences etc. and really no way to evaluate what’s good from what’s not.  I was surprised to discover that there was no equivalent to a or a where you can read what regular people have to say about a restaurant or some local service (Yelp) that you are considering.  People use these services to even find what others are saying is good.

I am a strong proponent of continuing education and coaching throughout one’s life, as I believe in the 21st century a practice of education is necessary to do more than just survive.  If you wish to avoid unnecessary suffering in your future, including working a meaningless job for people that you disrespect,  you need the help of education in its many forms; and if you wish to play the game of life at extraordinary levels, you require coaching – from good coaches.

Morevida® Reviews ( is designed as a place where you can share the courses, coaches and even products that made a difference in your life.  The stuff that lies outside mainstream education (not talking University education here) that helped you:

  • become more productive – new and improved skills,
  • gave you a better life perspective, direction & purpose,
  • improved your business and career,
  • improved your relationship and results with money
  • improved your relationships (people around you as well as with the Big Beyond),
  • improved your health and well-being.

It’s intended to be a great tool to help with your personal practice of education because (1) it helps you build your communities to practice what you learned in a course (by sharing with your friends the reviews you leave and find on the site), and (2) it helps you find new courses and coaches to continue your growth and develop your capacities to adapt to change.

Please visit the site and leave reviews of any course or coach etc. that you think would be helpful for other people, especially the people you care about, to get more out of life.  It is in beta release, so please be patient and use the “Contact Us” link on the bottom link to let us know of any questions, problems or praise.

Much love and respect.

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  1. Excellent idea. Just yesterday I was looking at some courses on and wondered about how effective they would be. A review would certainly go a long way in helping with choices. Looking forward to upcoming reviews.

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