Cherry Bombs

My brother passed along a very inspiring PDF document called “Cherry Bombs – A Supplemental Guide to Radical Careering” by Sally Hogshead.   Knowing my passion for re-invention and having people live lives of passion and fulfillment he was right on the mark in sending this my way.

Cherry Bombs is an explosive, entertaining look at the reality of what many people call a career and what’s possible.   Sally doesn’t pretend to have any answers (only you can create those for your life), but she does ask some very provoking questions that are intended to wake the dead from the stupor of mindless routine that they call a career.

If you don’t read the article I’ll share a couple quotes that capture the essence of the article:

“The point of your career is not to find easier work, but to find work that’s worth the effort.”

“Your life isn’t multiple choice, it’s one long essay question.”

I also like that she acknowledges that there is no quick fix but rather finding or creating a career that you love comes from constant attention and dedication to doing so; “Finches on Galapagos took thousands of years to evolve, but we feel pressure to revise ourselves in one job switch.”

If you know of anyone struggling under the burden of dead-end careers, or a passionless existence.  Steer them to this article.  They’ll thank you.

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  1. I liked that first quote very much. Work that’s ‘worthy’ of the effort. I feeling I’m walking it.

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