You know, I would soooo like to invent a simple product, formula or pill that would make my life easy.  Ok not easy,  … more powerful, exciting and fun.

James Bond meets Gandhi.  Hey!  It’s my life to design.  😉

Every now and then I come across, or read about someone who just seems to have it all going on.  The Richard Bransons, the Larry Ellisons, the Bill Gates’ and the Barack Obamas et al.    Not that I’m holding any of these as the poster child for how to live a great life (except maybe Branson) it’s just that they all are very passionate, successful and very clear about what their lives are about.  And that’s my goal.  Indeed, isn’t it everyone’s?

Popular culture is all about the quick fix, the short road to glory, the Midas touch, the one minute re-heat and life’s all hot, moist and juicy again.

Well that’s exactly what inspired this blog:The Practice of Your Life.  There is no quick fix, and no place to get to. It’s all about the journey to a chosen destination.  That’s where life happens.

Everyone gets the folk tale of happily ever after, the magic wand, the genie, the lottery ticket, yet unconsciously so many people still live in that tale.

We’re suckers for the quick fix.  “Are we there yet?”

“Nothing worked,” claims the actor in the infomercial, “until the Fixomatic 6000.”  Big grin as the sexy blond glides in.   “I tried everything,” look of solemn sincerity that belies he’s being paid to say … “and I was always disappointed. But then I tried the Fixomatic and my life is just wonderful now.”

Hilarious stuff except that there are still hundreds of thousands of insomniacs, manic depressives and shift workers responding to these ludicrous come-ons.

Unless you want to flat-line through life, you will constantly have to invent and re-invent new practices to keep you on track, learn, and be surrounded by the people that you need to achieve your goals.  I just finished an excellent business course at the Aji Network that espoused similar principles.

Life is inspired by the big picture, but it occurs in the details.  (Spell my name right please.)

There are so many things to attend to i.e. if you care.  (If you don’t then read my post about Australia; at least that’s good for a laugh.)   And if you do, there’s work to be done you mother, father, brother, sister, friend, coach, cook, writer, horseback rider, entrepreneur, teacher, student, guitarist, singer, poet, dancer, boss, whatever hat you choose to wear … you.

Every hat you wear requires its own set of practices and it’s up to you to invent them, use them, and re-invent them so that you continue to grow and fulfill your goals in life.  No quick-fix “Fixomatic” will give you the life you want.

Today I’m working on the practices that will constitute me as a good blend of Gandhi and Bond.

My name is Bond, … Mohandas Bond.  Double o infinity.

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.