Are there no lies then?

This question only makes sense as a follow up to my last two posts so if you haven’t read them please do.

The answer to the question is there most definitely are, and you can consider a more powerful relationship to lies that is less destructive to relationships and more supportive of your being a compassionate loving human being.

You can more successfully weather the detours from your quest for truth when the people in your communities willfully choose to not tell you their truth – when people lie – by learning to distinguish a lie from another interpretation of the truth. Your job is to first be clear that someone is being authentic in their efforts to communicate their truth to you.

It doesn’t matter that their truth is not yours.

This is not a lie.

The only lie is when someone willfully chooses to paint a picture of their truth to others that they know is not how they themselves see it.

How do you know when someone is lying? Good question. You may not in the moment they lie to you, but you may well discover their lies over time.

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.