Systems do you have any?

From a business perspective most people get the importance of systems, standard operating procedures, and process in general. Carefully set up to meet a purpose, systems are enormously helpful in reducing the energy it takes to get something done.

When do you set up a system?

Well some systems are set up so that something can exist, and what that thing does or where it goes will depend on some external users. You are many systems all supporting each other, as is a car. The point is that systems require care to set up and to maintain if they are to function well.

What got me thinking about systems was tax time. Yet again I find myself really exerting a lot of energy to find the information I need to do my taxes. Yet I have systems that should make this easy. And the only thing worse than no system is a system that you don’t have the discipline to use.

What about you? What systems do you have in your life?

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.