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A Four Year Degree in One?

Getting a degree is still the primary way of becoming “credentialed” in today’s society and universities have responded by designing not only new credentials i.e. degrees that never existed before, but also fast track programs to get you that credential e.g. the one year MBA.

Setting aside the worth of such fast track degrees, a guy named Scott Young is setting out to prove that 21st technology is affording us a super-fast track to the education (if not the credentials) of prestigious universities.

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How movies & TV can help your children learn

If you have kids, one easy way to prepare them for life is to always ask one simple question: What have you learned? Learning isn’t limited to classrooms. If we’re open to learning, we have opportunities to learn all around us, but our kids have to be taught to look for learning everywhere. They won’tContinue Reading

Learning Good, University Bad

That’s an almost quote from Peter Thiel, the Stanford University educated billionaire who started Paypal and went on to invest in other internet successes like YouTube and Facebook. I jazzed it up a little; the actual quote is “Learning is good, credentialing and debt is very bad.”  (Click here for the actual ABC interview withContinue Reading

And the young shall lead the old

And the young shall lead the old

It used to be that seniority was the basis for advancement; ostensibly because age is expected to confer experience and wisdom. Unfortunately, an honest and sober reality check will reveal that there’s no guarantee that age and seniority equate to greater competence, knowledge or wisdom. Seniority cannot be the basis for advancement Promotion and advancementContinue Reading

Why Self-Help courses often fail to produce lasting results

If you’re a regular consumer of self-help books and courses, here are eight questions for you to answer.   Honestly now. Despite all those courses and books you’ve consumed on making your life better: Are you still stuck in the same circumstances of your life? Do you still do work that you have no passionContinue Reading