Unleashing Team Potential

Business results depend on finding the people with (1) the right technical skills to match the required results and (2) the passion and “soft” skills to harness those technical skills to greatest effect.

“Unleashing Team Potential” provides a shared context that allows team members to want to win as a team, as well as a powerful language to address the common recurring communication breakdowns that generate more friction and less productive output.

Why take this workshop?

Teams and their managers will benefit in the following ways:

  1. Greater willingness to communicate
  2. Increased capacity to identify and resolve breakdowns
  3. Daily practices to boost relatedness among team members
  4. Increased capacity to take and give feedback
  5. Increased willingness to take responsibility
  6. Greater capacity to value different perspectives
  7. Practices to create a more joyful workplace

Upcoming Dates

Contact me for more information, upcoming dates or to bring this workshop to your organization.