Reputation Management

What does it mean when someone says “Your reputation precedes you?” A good professional reputation can open doors, confer preference and grant opportunity; a bad one will do just the opposite.  Yet most aspiring professionals do not manage their reputation because they don’t know how.   In this half-day seminar you will lean some fundamental truths about reputation and the fundamental steps you can take to begin managing a reputation that allows you to build a successful career and fulfil your personal ambitions.

Is this for you?

Are you an ambitious student or working professional who would like to have a reputation that helps your career and makes it easier to fulfil your ambitions?

How you will benefit?

At the end of this half-day seminar you will

  1. Have a new and more meaningful understand of what reputation is, and what can and cannot be controlled.
  2. Know the key components of reputation
  3. Confront your own reputation as a starting point
  4. Connect your ambitions or career goals with the reputation you will need to build
  5. Identify the steps you must begin taking to build a powerful reputation.

Upcoming Dates

Contact me for more information, upcoming dates or to bring this seminar to your organisation.