I am available to speak at your company functions, graduations, conferences etc. on topics related to ambition, professionalism, teamwork and education.

Custom Talks

I can craft custom talks and keynote speeches based upon your particular audience and your objectives.  Talks can vary from five minutes to twenty minutes depending on your particular needs.

Here are some examples of talks that I have given:

What do you want to be when you grow up

Although this can be tailored to a very young audience or a graduating class, this talk was originally designed for adults.  It rekindles old dreams or simply gives permission to begin dreaming again.

This talk gives an honest look at a major deficiency in how most people have been brought up and playfully awakens this question in all of us.  It really is not too late to start dreaming and it really is possible to reinvent yourself.

Tell People What You Think of Them

The good and not so good stuff.

This talk shines a light on a social skill—acknowledgments—that is not well understood but when properly practiced, makes a huge difference in personal and business relationships.

This talk also promises to highlight the cost of not acknowledging situations or relationships that are not working.

Life as a Practice

What can we learn from the way athletes, musicians, and professionals practice their sport, art or business, and how is this relevant to your living a life of passion, freedom and fulfillment?

This is a twenty minute talk about a philosophy of living life as a practice.   This talk promises to reveal why people feel stuck or keep producing results they don’t want, and how the simple concept of practice holds the key to designing and fulfilling personal ambitions.