Adapting to Trinidad

Accelerating Your Trini-Living (and Working) Learning Curve

So you’re going to be living in Trinidad & Tobago for some months or years and you want to make the most of your time here, really get to know the locals, the culture, the cuisine, what to do, what not to do, what to expect, how locals like to be treated etc., etc.

But that not so easy to do.

Information is difficult to come by

Online resources are hard-to-find, incomplete, biased, or misleading and you are left to experience and learn the hard way which has the following disadvantages:

  • It takes time—by the time you nail it, it may be time to leave.
  • it can get you off on the wrong foot e.g. you could break an unspoken rule that you may never be able to fully recover from—especially if you don’t know what rule you broke.
  • You miss out on great relationships and experiences that you could have had if you knew sooner.

Why Not Get a Head Start?

Wouldn’t it be great to get an honest, fresh and constructive perspective about

  • What to expect at play and at work
  • Where to go/avoid
  • Trustworthy people/resources
  • Tips to get you started
  • and more

Why me?

You can easily see (what I say) about me on this site or by typing ‘Peter Anthony Gales’ on Linkedin, but what makes me ideal for this particular seminar is that I was born and raised in Trinidad and lived for many years in North America and Europe (as an expat).  I have travelled to many places in the world for business and pleasure, and I know a few things about intercultural relationships.

I know a lot about Trinis and the things that work and don’t work here, and I will give you my honest, unvarnished perspective about what you should be wary of.

You can count on me to  be upfront and balanced about things you won’t find in the traditional printed and online materials about living and working in Trinidad & Tobago.

More importantly, I sincerely want you to have a good time in Trinidad & Tobago, and my aim is to help us (Trinis & Tobagonians) and you have a love affair that you’ll have fond memories of, years after you’ve left.

Seminar details

This is a 3-hour seminar that is offered to ten to thirty people.  Please contact me for more information.