My talks can be five to twenty minutes long and are crafted to cause shifts in how people relate to themselves, their relationships and their work.

They are designed to help people see their role in getting more out of life, especially through their work.


Workshops are customizable interactive group sessions that can meet a number of objectives for participants  e.g. confront the realities of existing situations, face and avoid impending breakdowns, work more effectively in teams, and  create more supportive and uplifting work environments.

Speech and presentation coaching

How you come across in prepared and spontaneous speaking situations will form impressions of your character and competence; what people think of you is at stake.  It is a fact of life that people at the top are often not the smartest cookie in the room, but their position is often due to their mastery of public speaking.

Courses and books can help build your knowledge, but only practice with feedback and coaching can help you improve.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to practice in a public speaking community like Toastmasters, and if you can’t rely on the people around you to give you honest feedback I can help.