The Practice of Acknowledments

About the Book “The Practice of Acknowledgments”

Kind, authentic words of acknowledgment can build relationships faster than years of delivering on commitments. The Practice of Acknowledgments sheds light on an overlooked and poorly understood mechanism of human social interaction that, when practiced, allows people to grow in your presence.

Heartfelt honest and timely acknowledgment enables people to listen without bias, accept your interpretations without being threatened, to forgive, to let things go, express love, resolve issues and work together effectively as teams.  This includes acknowledgments of what is broken, failed, or perpetrated.

In your personal life, this allows forgiveness and healing to occur, and for love and affinity to be tangibly experienced with friends and family.

In your business life, this means saving money; great relationships with bosses, employees, customers and suppliers with very real positive impact on job satisfaction, personal income and company profits.  Yes, you really could find yourself looking forward to going to work every day.

This book explains what acknowledgments are and the mechanism by which they can transform your home and workplace into uplifting supportive environments where people focus on their creative spirit and the good of the group instead of on negative stories and gossip about superiors, colleagues or family members.

Reading The Practice of Acknowledgments will teach you how to acknowledge the good and the bad as well as show you how to create acknowledgments as a practice in your daily life.

Parents and anyone who works in or leads teams will get tremendous value from this book.

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