Professional Edge Seminar

What, Where, When:

A custom seminar—soon to be a lecture series available at the School of Business and Computer Science—on what you need to compete and win in the marketplace beyond just a degree.

Date and place: TBD


Who is it for:

  • Degree candidates and university graduates who want to compete more effectively for better jobs, better pay and promotions.
  • First time entrepreneurs (who may not hold a degree)
  • Middle managers who wish to jump-start their careers

What you will learn:

  • The realities of life and work that your teachers and parents never prepared you for
  • Why most people will fail in their attempts to get ahead
  • Fundamentally new ways to think of yourself as a professional and what you offer
  • The language, practices, values and attitude of a professional
  • Discover what is hidden from view that either propels you forward or holds you back
  • A strategy for succeeding in your career
  • How to stay in action after the seminar
  • What your next steps are


  • Easily differentiate yourself from your marketplace competition.
  • Be taken seriously by customers and employers.
  • A strategy to develop powerful networks that will propel your ambitions
  • Passion and excitement about your future.

More Info:

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