Are you bored at work but feel trapped or stuck because you have bills to pay or an identity to protect: a buttoned up accomplished professional who everyone else wants to be; if only people knew the truth?NV0eHnNkQDHA21GC3BAJ_Paris Louvr

Perhaps you’re one of the millions stuck in the rut because you’ve forgotten your dreams and can’t even imagine anymore how your life could be different, bigger, better, or more meaningful.

If you are, perhaps like millions of others, you use vacations, TGIF, sick-days, Facebook, movies, TV shows, sex and alcohol etc., to distract yourself from a nagging concern about your life, and maybe life in general.

After all, your nagging disappointments seem trivial in a world of climate change, mass extinctions, poverty, hunger, terrorism and war; and you wonder what world you’re leaving behind for your kids.

Sometimes you’ll watch something like aTED talk or listen to a motivational speaker, and be inspired for a while, but you notice that nothing really changes for you.

Deep down you know it depends on you; if you don’t make deep structural changes in your life nothing out there ever really will.

I feel you.

I decided to get off the corporate train because it didn’t feel right spending my days influencing people to buy stuff they didn’t really need and aligning myself with the right people to move up the corporate ladder, or just to avoid being fired.

It’s really a terrible existence to feel that you need to be there on weekends, evenings and even be available on vacations to just keep your place on the corporate ladder.  That’s not what work should be like for anyone.

You’re still reading, so this must resonate with you at some level.   Maybe I can help.


peter anthony gales jumpingI’m a writer, public speaker, work engagement consultant, teacher, and trainer.  I’m also an Apple fanatic, recovering procrastinator, dreamer, planet lover, unintentional comedian, former (now sometime) party-goer, single-malt/wine lover, yoga/tai-chi semi-enthusiast and full-time philosopher and spiritualist who just like Rodney King wonders “Can’t we all just get along?”

I particularly love writing, speaking and teaching about the ideas and practices that can help you get more out of your life, and I believe that it’s all based on the work you do every day so I write and speak a lot about finding or creating meaningful, fulfilling work.

And I also write about technology, new ideas, inspiring people and about practicing education to prepare you (and your kids) to achieve your ambitions.

I believe it’s the routines, habits and practices you are (every day) that give you your experience of life. You won’t get any quick fixes from me.

Three things are easy though, at least in principle: (1) You must start dreaming again, (2) you must have faith in your dreams (3) you won’t do it alone.

Sign up and let’s do this together.