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The Practice of Structure
Too often we blame failure on personal weakness. People say “I’m weak/undisciplined/disorganized/unambitious” etc. Yet failure is often due the structures around us, the environments – including the people – that surround us that call forth the behavior that result in failure.

These posts and articles are meant to help you identify where your devils lurk by developing new understanding and distinctions essential to creating structures that support you in achieving your goals.

Trump’s success formula and what we can emulate

Trump’s success formula and what we can emulate

We all know the risk of being insensitive, rude and politically incorrect. We’ve felt the sting of crossing the line enough times to know it’s not socially acceptable.

How then to explain Donald Trump, who attributes his success to crossing that line? What is the Trump winning formula and is there anything about him to emulate?

Know your audience

Trump’s success is not due to some new charismatic elixir, or some unique power of persuasion, but rather to a proven winning formula for becoming liked and having people trust and follow you, and that is to simply know your audience and speak to their concerns, their hopes and fears.

The Trump formula

Every one of the Donald’s competitors in the Republican field was trying to use this formula. They failed because they were unwilling to go into the darkest, forbidden places where it turns out, most of the voters were. They thought people would be ashamed to admit their prejudices and irrationalities while the Donald knew his audience wanted someone to shout them from the rooftops.

Trump became the Pied Piper of the Republican Party by simply giving public voice to what his voters were saying in private.

The power of resonance

If you’re leading people, you can leverage this phenomenon yourself—for good I hope.

It’s the phenomenon of resonance where you say something that people agree with and they immediately lean forward with interest and attention.

You have them; and the harder it’s been for them to find kindred spirits the stronger the bond you’ll form. It’s a sense of relatedness, a magnetic closeness that Dick Cheney would feel if he learned a potential new hire secretly water boards hitchhikers for fun.

“ You do? Me too!!”

Friends for life if that assistant ever shot a friend in the face.

Finding unexpected things in common is the greatest relationship builder, and for many, the Donald’s inappropriate remarks leaves them with a kind of “He’s just like us” that made over fifty million people vote for George W.

Trump is not crossing the line

The thing to get about Trump is that he’s actually not crossing the line for millions of Americans; he’s simply acknowledging where their line is.

Trump’s success so far, and this is the scary part, is because millions of Americans agree with his routinely bigoted, hateful and divisive remarks. In an interview on “the Axe Files” Jon Stewart said this level of fear, prejudice and victimhood among millions of Americans simply reflects the diet American talk radio has fed those on the right for years.

Trump’s secret sauce

But Trump’s success is not just his willingness to amplify and broadcast the true and scary feelings of the apparent majority of the Republican electorate, but also his leverage of his audience’s (and apparently the media’s) unconcern for the truth. As Michael Lynch points out in “Trump, Truth and the power of Contradiction”, there is a design to Trump’s easy facility with contradicting himself from one speech to the next; and that is— WE have to decide what he really means.

Other “normal” politicians must explain their positions and any apparent contradictions, but the Donald doesn’t.  The curious and beneficial Trump outcome of this is that people who should clearly be offended or threatened by his statements can ignore those statements because they can justify them as part of the political game; they take comfort in a more convenient “truth” in something else the Donald said.

His contradictions allow each Trump supporter to assemble his own idea of Donald Trump and accept all the other crazy Trumps as part of the show he needs to put on for the election. The real Donald will appear when he takes the Oath of office; and his supporters believe ‘that Donald‘ will be closer to the true Donald they’ve assembled in their minds.  Gulp.

This explains why so many who should be bothered by many of his remarks still support him.

If that truly is by design, it is as brilliant as it is scary.

This by the way, is not worthy of emulation—unless of course you’re a demagogue.

What can you emulate?

In addition to knowing how to create resonance, there is much about the Donald worthy of emulation: his huge ambition, his unequivocal belief in his ability to win, his willingness to take bold and massive action to achieve his goals; and his willingness to rock the boat and destroy the status quo.

If you can emulate all that without the arrogance, bullying, pettiness, vindictiveness, divisiveness and the lying you might be on to something.

If you could leave out only one of those negatives, leave out the lying.

I think an allegiance to the truth would smooth out the rest. It’s what made us like Simon Cowell even when he was saying things no kind and decent person would; we knew he was telling us what he really thought, and we didn’t have to wonder.

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Admitting mistakes

Admitting mistakes

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Faith 101

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Do you have integrity?

Do you have integrity?

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What to do when you’re misunderstood

What to do when you’re misunderstood

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Making practice sexy

Making practice sexy

Imagine how we could perform in art, sport and career if the idea of practicing was a turn on. Practice is the consistent engagement with actions and behaviours that confer “expert ease” at something.  Practice, at least deliberate practice, increases our capacities to perform at whatever we’re practicing for.  Yet most of us find itContinue Reading

Commit to the practice, not the objective

Commit to the practice, not the objective

There is nothing wrong with failing as long as it comes from a sincere effort to succeed and we learn from the experience so we don’t repeat the mistake on our next attempt. But for many failures—starting that business, writing that book, or losing that 20lbs—most of us don’t learn and we often repeat theContinue Reading

Are you a NO or a YES?

Are you a NO or a YES?

How many things are you a “NO” to?  A bad boss, gossiping colleagues, poor customer service, traffic, corrupt politicians, poverty, etc., etc. Do you notice that the things you’re against never seem to go away?  If you’re against jobs you hate, unhealthy relationships, being overweight, an uncertain future, why do you always seem to have themContinue Reading

The whole truth and nothing but

The whole truth and nothing but

Many of our people problems at home and at work come from the common mistake that we can know not only the truth, but the whole truth … and nothing but. We can’t—and that’s why I can’t imagine being selected for a jury. How could anyone take the oath “I solemnly swear to tell theContinue Reading

Be like water: Learn the soft skills

Be like water: Learn the soft skills

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Why we hate to commit, and why we must

Why we hate to commit, and why we must

Most people hate to commit. No, it’s not just guys in relationship and marriage. The average person hates to be pinned down by a promise and that’s why the willingness to obligate to another person is THE differentiator of professionals. But what accounts for this unwillingness to commit? Why does making commitments seem as unappealingContinue Reading

What would you tell young you?

What would you tell young you?

The other day my girlfriend asked me what advice would I give young Peter if I could go back in time. Surprisingly, it was a hard question to answer. There is just so much advice I wish I had gotten or listened to.   Looking back, what would have made the most difference for me?Continue Reading

Six things we can learn from the faithful

Six things we can learn from the faithful

I’ve shut the door on many a Jehovah’s witness so it may seem odd to say that I admire them.  But I believe that devout people of faith can teach us a few things about living a passionate committed life. Here are six: 1. Choose your context The first is they have chosen a context forContinue Reading

Dictation makes a comeback

Dictation makes a comeback

Dictation and the technology that made it possible—short-hand—died because typing your own thoughts on a computer was far more efficient and cost-effective than dictating to a secretary—even a sexy one like Mad Men’s Christine Hendricks.  Dictation may make a comeback though; ironically due to the same technology that killed it in the first place: computers.Continue Reading

Your power to choose

Your power to choose

We couldn’t possibly remain conscious to every choice we have in any given minute, hour or day so we invent routines, rituals, traditions, standard practices and jobs to relieve us of the effort of continually making conscious choices. This is helpful but has one major drawback: namely, getting so used to our automatic-pilot default choices thatContinue Reading

Everybody wants to feel like they matter

Everybody wants to feel like they matter

Everybody wants to feel like they matter, that they are valued by other people.  Probably no other need is so overlooked as this. Hunger, shelter and sex call for attention in ways that are much easier to address.  These are probably the most instinctive human needs and knowing how to solve them seem also instinctive.Continue Reading

Icebergs, superstars and you

Icebergs, superstars and you

No doubt you already know that most of an iceberg’s mass lies beneath the surface.  If not, …you’re welcome. Recently the scale of this fact impressed me.   Imagine … for all the visible ice towering above the surface—sometimes 30 metres or more—there’s twice as much of it beneath the surface. What does this haveContinue Reading

What can you do?

What can you do?

What a confronting question. “How can you help other people?” is perhaps a more polite variation of this question, or “What skills do you have?” but for impact I like “What can you do?” It forces you to think in terms of your responsibility to produce an outcome. If we begin telling hight school/secondary schoolContinue Reading

Brutality Cascades

Why is it that every government in Trinidad disappoints?  While the players change the complaints and themes of corruption and ineptitude remain the same. There will always be some level of ineptitude and incompetence in any new government and we expect people to grow or be replaced so I’m not talking about that here.  What’s moreContinue Reading

A Teacher’s Ultimate Responsibility

A Teacher’s Ultimate Responsibility

As a child I liked many of my teachers. There were those that were funny, autocratic, confused, empathetic etc. I remember them primarily for the funny stories that happened in their classrooms, and whether or not we thought they were cool. As I think back on them I realize that every one of them wasContinue Reading

Micromanagement and Microperformance

I constantly hear of workplace horror stories, where employees complain about being “watched” or policed.  Management tells them how they should dress, what time they should be at work, what sites they can visit, when and for how long they can take a break etc. Positively Gestapo like. From the manager’s perspective they think thatContinue Reading

“That’s not what I asked you to do.”

Have you ever been on the receiving end of that one? No? How about “That’s not what we agreed.” Well it’s no fun to be the one transmitting the same message either, especially to your web designer, mechanic, or plastic surgeon. There’s no simple or single answer to why these breakdowns in people’s promises andContinue Reading

Are you Cancerous?

Are you Cancerous?

If you take a telescope and look upwards and outwards, you’ll soon gain a healthy perspective on how small, how insignificant we and our planet are in the grand scale of our galaxy and the universe. You’ll be similarly amazed if you take a microscope and look inwards; there’s an entire universe of cells, atomicContinue Reading

The Hubris of Free Will

One of the things we often hear about what makes human beings special and perhaps unique on the planet is that we have free will.  But what does that mean exactly? Is it that we are self-directed and autonomous in a way that no other animal is?  I think that’s what we mean when weContinue Reading

Routine – The Dance

Oh Routine.  What am I going to do with you?  You make things so mundane, so ordinary, so repetitive and well … so routine.  You are the enemy of passion and fun. You are the oppressor of joy. Oh how rote you are routine? How repetitive, how boring, how dull? Where is your spice?  YourContinue Reading

For 2009 be resolute also about your surroundings

An old coach of mine, Paul Dominguez, once taught me to pay attention to my environment; that my environment actually “calls forth” certain behavior.  You might notice this clearly in a living room that’s organized around the TV.  With the chairs, table and sofa all arranged around the TV you’ll find it perfectly natural toContinue Reading


In their Law of Attraction books, Esther and Jerry Hicks talk about segmenting. The idea is you break your day into discrete portions of time or “segments” as a means to focus your attention during that time on something that you want done. This is a brilliant concept.  Why?  Because my biggest challenge is managingContinue Reading

Amazing how many things we do for no good reason

So I’m writing a book, and after explaining what the book is about to a good friend, he asks me why am I writing it?  I gave the obvious answer of course, “Because I’ve always wanted to write a book.”  And then comes the predictable question, “Why?” And then my mind produces a deluge ofContinue Reading

Context for the “Space”

I posted before about our ability to create a space between stimulus and response. This is of course not Nobel Prize submission material, yet it’s one of those truisms that is so often taken for granted. What I want to say here is that a practice of creating that Space will be a difficult oneContinue Reading

Creating the space between stimulus and response

What’s a uniquely human ability? We are very likely the only animals on the planet that can create a space between stimulus and response. Actually I don’t know if this can be proven, but it most certainly is a major aspect of being human. Human beings have the ability to choose what their response willContinue Reading

Planning as a practice

What is it about last minute that focuses the mind? I recently had the experience of planning for a move and I gave myself sufficient time. However, two weeks before the move it dawns on me that for a whole host of reasons a later moving date would be preferable to the one I chose.Continue Reading

Two kinds of distractions

One is stressful, the other is numbing. The latter type of distraction serves to numb you to the pain of the former. The best example of a numbing distraction is TV. You turn it on and it effectively distracts you (numbs) from all your concerns in the world. It turns your mind off. Other goodContinue Reading

Your Physical Space and You

Here’s something that I’ve noticed recently. I don’t say my prayers the way I used to. Yes I say my prayers. My mother will be very happy to know that. You see I recently moved and this ritual fell out at exactly the time I changed location. It occurs to me that in my oldContinue Reading


Damn! What a great word. Wished I had coined it. Kudos to Jeffrey Luger though. He’s the mastermind behind the book of the same name. Luger’s point is that the world around us filled with examples of things that appear simple and are enormously complex in their operation and vice versa. He cites a commonContinue Reading

Routines and measures

Working for yourself presents unexpected challenges. Being on my own has taught me the value of routines in my daily life. Without the imposed routines that come from a corporate job that starts at 8 or 9am every day, you find yourself pondering when to take showers, exercise, meditation etc., in addition to whatever workContinue Reading


Don’t they make life interesting? I’m tending to quite a few at the moment, and I am finding it interesting to notice where I make life more difficult than it needs to me. My biggest breakdowns are in the area of technology. I was advised that a complete reinstallation of my operating system on aContinue Reading

The importance of visualization

The other morning,as I looked at my rather round belly, which has gotten noticeably bigger over the last 3 weeks, I was reminded that I’ve been ineffective in causing the flat six-pack stomach that I dream of. My exercise practice has been ineffective. Similarly as I was doing some Yoga poses I was also remindedContinue Reading

The Practice of Planning

What’s your experience of plans, and well … planning? Mine has not been so good. In fact, on closer inspection I find that it’s not so much that I don’t follow plans or that they fall apart – I’ve certainly had my fair share of those – it’s that I didn’t plan. As I writeContinue Reading

Systems do you have any?

From a business perspective most people get the importance of systems, standard operating procedures, and process in general. Carefully set up to meet a purpose, systems are enormously helpful in reducing the energy it takes to get something done. When do you set up a system? Well some systems are set up so that somethingContinue Reading

Distractions and you

Distraction, not religion, is the opium of the masses. Distraction is the enemy of living my life as a practice. Distraction serves as the band-aid to the worry and anxiety I feel when I’m not effectively taking care of my concerns in life. I know I’m heading off a cliff and it’s easier to goContinue Reading


So with my “Getting things done (not)” as the background, I write about how “clutter” affects me. Like our hero in this April 17th 2008 post, in the process of doing one task I find myself distracted by another. Does this happen to you? On the way to look for a folder or file, IContinue Reading

Getting things done (not)

I’ll be musing about clutter, distractions and the importance of systems and routines in living your life as a practice, and I thought this cute story below would be a great set-up. I have no idea who wrote it. Enjoy. Recently, I was diagnosed with Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder (A.A.A.D.D.). This is how itContinue Reading

But I don’t feel like ……

How do you generate yourself to do what you know you ought to? How can you generate yourself to take the actions that are consistent with your declarations of who you say you are or what you say you are committed to? You know how it works. I just don’t feel like going to theContinue Reading

The Role of Routine

What routines do you have in your life? And what are they for? Seems an odd questions but think about it? First think about what a routine is. A routine is defined as: a customary or regular course of procedure commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typicalContinue Reading

Can you coach me in living my life as a practice?

This was a question from a very good friend of mine.    My initial reaction was, “Noooo???!” “It’s your life. The whole idea is that you get to invent what your practice looks like.” I didn’t in fact say this, it was what was going on in my head, and in my head I playedContinue Reading