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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy … and Jill downright cranky. Fun & Play are essential to the human psyche. Neglect of this domain of your life can have as many negative consequences as your neglect of health. The posts and articles are related to the practice of fun and play. For the most part I get to practice my humor.

Imagination practice

Imagination practice

Do you still use your imagination?  If you’re like most, my guess is not so much.  When you were a child your imagination was on overdrive and now it’s like a favourite toy that’s been put away. You still have it but you never take it out to play anymore.

But imagination is the gateway to creativity, passion and purpose and it’s the pathway to dealing with persistent boredom and problems.

What imagination is

Imagination is the capacity to see what isn’t, to create from nothing.  It allows us to leave linear thinking and take intuitive leaps of the kind that allowed Einstein to formulate the theory of relativity.  Einstein ‘imagined’ what it would be like to ride on a beam of light.

Imagination allows us to dream without limits and then invites us to make it so.

Dreams and visions are the children of imagination and without them we have no real purpose or passion.

Imagination is the jet fuel of vision

Imagination is what makes leadership vision possible.  We must be able to ‘see’ something with our mind, something not yet existing, a place we’ve never been to and imagine what it looks like, smells like, and feels.

MLK had a dream, JFK said we’d put a man on the moon and bring him safely back to the earth, Mandela said freedom for all South Africans, and Reagan talked of America as a shining city on a hill.

We don’t imagine anymore

There is no grand vision of what we’re living into anymore.  No compelling “I have a dream” type vision that we share.

Instead we seem to be hoping for a better status quo, hoping the economy improves, our jobs stay safe, crime goes down and the climate doesn’t change too much.  We haven’t used our imaginations to create an inspiring vision or story that lights us up collectively for a better future.  A world with no wars, where everyone has free health care, basic housing and transportation when they need it; robotic service is the norm, free limitless education is on demand and human beings no longer work to provide for their family (because that’s already handled for everyone) but choose to work on whatever speaks to their passion, their higher self.

Like a muscle

Imagination is like a muscle, it grows stronger with exercise; weaker with disuse.

Use it cure boredom or solve problems

Are you bored or in despair about some aspect of your life?

Then when why not imagine yourself out of it.  Here’s an exercise to begin exercising those imagination muscles again and maybe even give you an inspiring vision you can start to work towards.

Imagination exercise

Start writing or journaling about whatever it is you’re bored about, whatever you’ve given up on, and then start writing a future alternative of how it changes.  Imagine it like a TV show or movie where something happens that causes the situation you’ve given up on to change.

Suspend belief

Don’t worry about believing it is possible just go with the exercise; think of far-fetched interventions and happenstance that cause that situation to change.

Have alien landings, lottery winnings, chance meetings, book writings, meeting the romantic ‘one’ etc. happen in your writings.  Doesn’t matter.  Use your imagination.

At the very least you’ll have some fun imagining again. You’ll run up with how limited your imagination has become because of inactivity.

And don’t worry about impossible dreams.  Impossible dreams were what Gandhi, MLK, JFK and Mandela all had in common.

Just use your imagination now and worry about believing later on.

Keep it alive in children and teens96ec0b0068fbadae_640_imagination

And if you have children or work with them.  Take care that their natural urge to imagine is not stifled.  Encourage them to use their imagination to write stories, screenplays, poetry and alternative futures for their lives and the future of the world.

Have them keep online journals to store them.  Above all let’s all start imagining again and see how many of us can produce an inspiring dream that we’re willing to fight for.

Why are we called human … beings?

Why are we called human … beings?

Why are we called human beings? We don’t say tiger beings, cockroach beings, or cow beings. It’s not even related to self-aware ‘beings’ because we don’t refer to dolphins or elephants or apes as beings. Googling the question is unsatisfying. The answers range from: “All living things are beings, we happen to be human beings”Continue Reading

Hacking your education

Hacking your education

Interesting word ‘hack.’  Being ‘hacked’ usually means someone broke into your computer. Being called a ‘hack’ means you’re a fraud or at least unsophisticated, yet many (computer) ‘hackers’ are respected because they are often just brilliant nerds intent on challenge; not on theft and destruction. Sometimes the word means the use of brute or blunt force whereContinue Reading

How could anyone not like me?

My mother and I continue to be amazed: How could anyone not like me?  I mean … meeee! What’s not to like? Well there was that very public, lets call it “breakup,” that some people are still talking about. Then there was that drunken public urination (all over someone’s windscreen with people in the car),Continue Reading

Hey, we’re still here!

Hey, we’re still here!

If you have managed to exist without even the vaguest awareness of today’s Mayan scheduled planetary doom then my hat’s off to you. You probably also missed the 2012 American Presidential election—the forces of light prevailed by the way. Bully for you.  You must be vegan, stress free and also not reading this. What wasContinue Reading

Steve Jobs on living, loving and learning

Steve Jobs on living, loving and learning

My sister told me about Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address where Jobs told three stories about his life that bring powerful perspecitve to education, work and life.  The speech is embedded below and here’s my take on those three stories. 1. Education – don’t be a sheep about it I think most people knowContinue Reading

Oh, please don’t you rock my boat

… cause I don’t want my boat to be rocking.”  (Bob Marley) I love this song (Don’t Rock the boat) and everytime I hear this refrain, “Please don’t you rock my boat,” I smile.  How’s that for an anti-change mantra? I smile because it’s simple and yet profound.  It brings up such satisfaction with life;Continue Reading

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

If you can spice-up Old Spice what else  can you “spice-up”? Saw an article yesterday about an ad that made an impression on me when I saw it a few months ago.   In the commercial a buffed man wearing only a towel is standing in a bathroom looking straight at the camera and says,Continue Reading

Grace in Victory

Imagine not getting that promotion you had worked four years to get, and having the person who got it, run around your office yelling and screaming that she got it, with the help of a large number of people you work with thumping her on the back, yelling in support and celebration of her victoryContinue Reading

Opinion disclaimers

Opinion disclaimers

Have you ever listened to the pharmaceutical adverts on TV?  As the soothing voice says “Absolv, when taken immediately after upsetting your partner can bring on expressions of contriteness that a puppy would envy.  Clinical studies have shown that 77% of users of Absolv are forgiven for extreme transgressions including not sharing with housework, comingContinue Reading

Let me introduce you to my two new best friends

Let me introduce you to my two new best friends Meet Carlos and Tony.  Met Carlos on Friday night, and Tony on Saturday night (last night).  They are both pilots and were in new York on training.  They are two of the nicest people that you could ever meet and yet couldn’t be more differentContinue Reading

Mexican Music – Part II

Saw the same guys again (see my original post on Mexican Music on May 8th, 2009.) They were waiting for the train with me at the very end of the subway platform, talking amongst themselves – there were more of them this time – and checking their instruments. Once again I was engrossed in whatContinue Reading

Help Me

Imagine you’re the proud Father or Mother of the cutest three year old boy who barely talks, and one day as you’re walking through the mall the little darling starts screaming, “Help me, help me,” to anyone that looks in his direction. My mother related this true story to me the other day about aContinue Reading

Mexican Music

Mexican Music

I’m standing in a subway car heading to midtown Manhattan.  The train is crowded and at a stop, I become aware of two short guys wearing cowboy hats, one with a guitar and the other with an accordion get on.   I’ve seen this before, these guys work the trains for money.  They play aboutContinue Reading

Routine – The Dance

Oh Routine.  What am I going to do with you?  You make things so mundane, so ordinary, so repetitive and well … so routine.  You are the enemy of passion and fun. You are the oppressor of joy. Oh how rote you are routine? How repetitive, how boring, how dull? Where is your spice?  YourContinue Reading

The Practice of Play

If you’ve ever wondered if work had to be … well … work, then you’ll be happy to know that there is scientific evidence and ongoing research that shows the importance of play to our overall well-being, and that paying conscious attention to a diet of play can make work more fun.   There isContinue Reading


You know, I would soooo like to invent a simple product, formula or pill that would make my life easy.  Ok not easy,  … more powerful, exciting and fun. James Bond meets Gandhi.  Hey!  It’s my life to design.  😉 Every now and then I come across, or read about someone who just seems toContinue Reading

The Art of Breaking Bad News

Below was sent to me as a joke. I think it’s brilliantly funny. Brilliant in the way Ernesto breaks bad news. Funny in the response to the news. Enjoy. At dawn the telephone rings, ‘Hello, Senor Rod? This is Ernesto, the caretaker at your country house.’ ‘Ah yes, Ernesto. What can I do for you?Continue Reading

Five things I hate

Five things I hate? Interesting, almost refreshing twist on what everyone seems to be asking these days. On the phone messages you hear “… and before you hang up, tell me one thing you love about your life.” I guess it’s progress on the road to enlightenment that I actually can’t think of anything atContinue Reading

Embrace Your Big Fat Ass

Embrace Your Big Fat Ass

You heard me! It’s big, it’s round, it’s talked about, it’s yours. So learn to love it. That’s essentially what “Embracing Your Big Fat Ass: An Owner’s Manual,” is all about. While big fat asses may not be high on your issues list, this funny book is worth a read. The authors (Laura Banks andContinue Reading

The Australia Project

The Australia Project

So I’m a closet visionary. I predicted electronic talking dictionaries in the mid ’80’s when the Apple IIe/c was all the rage. What that proves I can’t say, I just thought it would lend some credibility into my initial public foray into uncharted waters. In this case the Indian and Pacific oceans. With this post,Continue Reading