What’s your biggest problem with meetings?

  1. People don’t know how to run them
  2. There are too many of them
  3. People don’t honor their commitments

Join the club if you picked #3.   There are many resources out there about how to run a meeting, yet the biggest problem remains largely unaddressed:

Broken commitments

People do not do what they say, and worse you often have to wait until the next meeting to find out …

“Ooops, I forgot I was supposed to do that.”

“There’s a delay, and here’s why.”

You need a better way

  • to help your people follow up on their commitments in a timely way.
  • to hold everyone to account for their commitments
  • to track the performance of your people and your meeting.

After the meeting is where things need to get done,

… and you don’t want to wait till the next meeting to find out what happened since the last meeting.

After The Meeting is the solution

After The Meeting is a web application designed by Inspiration Labs that helps people manage the commitments they make in meetings (and outside of meetings).  If people are continually not keeping their commitments, and worse …

you are having to chase them to remind them of the commitments they made, or to find out the status,

then you are incurring unnecessary costs of doing business in




After The Meeting will help you

  • Set clear agendas
  • Make your minutes more dynamic and useful by
    • Making decisions more accessible – no more “What did we decide and why?
    • Allowing quicker consolidation by meeting participants
  • Set clear Conditions of Satisfaction per request
  • Allow for easy re-negotiation of commitments e.g due date or other conditions of satisfaction
  • Ensure that requests do not go unanswered
  • Build a track record of keeping commitments by
    • person
    • meeting

Let’s face it: meetings are here to stay.

Only when people get together and talk about what’s important to them does any coordinated action become possible.

All that may be missing now is a little training on how to make and keep commitments as well as a good tool to support your organization in an effective practice of making and keeping commitments.

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