How work is like diet and exercise

How work is like diet and exercise

Just like the food you eat could be bad for you, the work you do could be also. In fact, the way most people relate to diet and exercise is the way they relate to work. They’d prefer not to do it.

Food disconnected from nutrition

caveman lifespanLong ago native Peoples had no concept of diet. Food was for the most part—nutritious.

The stuff that was bad would kill them in short order and it was easy for even the dimmest caveman to figure out

“Hmmm.  Let’s give this poisonous juju bush a pass next time.”

Today, food has become disconnected from nutrition. Large corporations happily sell us cheap, tasty, nutrient-free food loaded with carcinogens.

It’s all part of a system that uses human beings for the corporate good.

The ‘food’ companies not only make money off of the big Mac culture, but they’re also ‘fattening’ us up for the waiting arms of those who profit from our poor dieting, no exercising selves: the trillion-dollar health care industry. (Don’t forget:companies are people.)

Us modern-day cave-people must educate ourselves about what to eat and make the tough choices to take care of our bodies.

Work disconnected from purpose

In many ways work has also become disconnected from its real purpose.running after money

People work not to fulfil their dreams and take care of real human concerns but to get a pay check. Most of us work as cogs in the wheel of a system designed to exploit us.

Doing a job just for the money is like eating fast food to satisfy your hunger. They both oppress: one your body, the other your spirit.

Of course changing jobs or careers is not as easy as going for the salad instead of the big Mac. You need that pay check to keep food on the table and your babies in school.

But you can start making plans now.

With a dream, a belief that you can have it and a passion to make it happen you can begin feeding your spirit with the work you do. If you can’t yet find it in yourself, at least nurture it in your kids and the people who confide their dreams to you.

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