Use that video button more often—one day you’ll be happy you did

There’s a video feature on every modern day digital camera that most people don’t use.

That’s a pity because it really takes no skill to shoot a video.

You may not win any academy awards, but you could capture a moment that earns you a spot on America’s funniest videos, or better yet; capture a moment that you might treasure for the rest of your life.

I lost my step-dad in April this year, and I find myself thinking of him at unpredictable moments.  I realize that I really miss the sound of his voice, his laughter and of course being with him.

I’ll never be able to interact with him anymore, but I’m fortunate to have some video of him.  I took some video of him in the last few weeks of his life, and there’s one video taken by his daughter just before he started to weaken that showed his determination and his sense of humor.

I’m glad I have it because it captured the essence of him in a way that one still photo can’t do, and it allows me to be with him (almost) when I watch it.

On the other hand it makes me sad that I don’t have more.  More videos of him in younger times, happier times where I could remember anew what he was like, how he spoke, how he moved, walked, his sense of humor, his funny faces, how he spoke to his dogs and more.

At least I have pictures, but they’re not the same.

Please don’t make the same mistake.

Capture your loved ones

Start using the video button on your digital camera to capture your loved ones.  Make it something you do a few times a year, and store it on your computer (and please back it up).   You don’t even need to edit them into a polished movie, just capture them.

You never know when someone you care about will leave you.

Capture you

Also do the same for yourself.  Have someone video you on special occasions, or just talking about life, events, how you feel about someone.  If you’re shy, you can invest in a cheap tripod and you can video yourself.  Again don’t worry about editing anything, just capture, capture, capture.

At my brother’s recent wedding, his bride’s father showed a short movie he had compiled of his daughter’s life.  It showed her from a baby up until the time my brother came into her life.  It was quite touching and funny and someday their children will have an amazing video library of moments in the lives of their parents that they can keep with them and pass on to their children.

A gift to pass on to future generations

What a wonderful gift; being able to stay connected across generations.

You can give that gift to your children and their children.  All you have to do is make a practice of using that video button.


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  1. Peter! That is so true. It is really a wonderful way to honor the memory of our loved ones. Thanks

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