“Are we there yet?”

Remember the zeal with which you would ask your parents or whomever was driving, “Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?”

Only to have them yell back something like “Be quiet, dammit! We just left home five minutes ago!”

We couldn’t wait to get to where we were going because we were so excited about the destination.  We had such a great story about all of the things we would be able to do once we got there, and by contrast the journey there was oh so boring; annoying even.

Mommmm!  Heee’s POkin’ me!!!  Stop POkin me!

Isn’t it funny, that it’s exactly the opposite in real life?  In life, it’s the journey that’s the exciting part, and the purpose of the destination is solely to make that journey possible.

Sadly, I think most people no longer have destinations, and not having destinations is a big part of why many people feel trapped and live for the distractions of TV, alcohol, sex etc.

What about you?

Are you there yet?

You know; where you said you’d be at this time of your life, some ten, twenty or thirty years ago.  Is this place as exciting as you thought it would be?

Did you enjoy the journey?

Where are you off to now?

Don’t you hate smart-asses like me?  😉

One Response to “Are we there yet?”

  1. Yes, I´m about where I thought I would/could be ….with a few more people I didnot expect 🙂

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