The Infinity Principle

infinity expressed

I met Chad Steele, the author of the Infinity Principle, at the 2009 Global Conference for Transformation in San Francisco where he displayed his work as well as gave a presentation about the Infinity Principle. The Infinity Principle is Chad’s gift of having us use the concept of infinity to experience right now, in the moment, all of the things so many of people spend their lives searching for; like happiness and fulfillment.

It may seem odd for me to embrace something like the Infinity principle because it seems at odds with The Practice of Your Life which is about the commitment and discipline, the daily choices that you must make to give you the experience of being on track, and being passionate and fulfilled.  Yet if you’ve read my posts, you may get that I don’t endorse any one thing, not even living your life as a practice, as THE solution or magic bullet to cure all that ails you in life.  Especially since I think there’s nothing wrong with having the things in your life that “ails” you.  Perhaps this is why I like the Infinity Principle; because it allows you to instantly shift your perspective on so many of life’s challenges and aspirations.

Infinity, as Chad explains, is a concept of limitlessness or never endingness (my word).  It is not a number, yet to get a sense of the profound impact infinity can have on our lives the use of a mathematical description of infinity is helpful.   Infinity is depicted as Something over (divided by) nothing.

In mathematical terms, for any given numerator (the number at the top), the smaller the denominator becomes (the number at the bottom) the bigger the result. Infinity is the result when the denominator becomes zero, and hence – since infinity is not a number – we are mathematically prohibited from dividing by zero.

“And what does this have to do with my everyday experience of life?” you might be saying.   Well take happiness for example, expressed here:

happiness infinity calculation

Happiness expressed as in the equation above says the less you bring expectations into your life, and of course the more you appreciate the good around you, the greater the happiness you can experience – right now.  Expressing this as an equation occurs for me as brilliant.

If you’re math phobic this may not resonate with you and that’s fine. Something else will.   Yet if you can see this relationship you can begin to see many areas of your life where, once you identify the relationships involved, you can experience an immediate perspective shift, or at least gain access to transformation.

To get a better sense of Chad’s Infinity Principle you can read the first chapter (short read) and gain your own perspective.  Better yet buy the book.

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  1. Chad Steele was and is one of my coaches as a boldleader. His ratio’s and the Infinity Principle has infinite power in people empowering themselves.
    I love your review. Great work.

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