Embrace Your Big Fat Ass

Embrace Your Big Fat Ass

You heard me! It’s big, it’s round, it’s talked about, it’s yours. So learn to love it.

That’s essentially what “Embracing Your Big Fat Ass: An Owner’s Manual,” is all about.

While big fat asses may not be high on your issues list, this funny book is worth a read.

The authors (Laura Banks and Janette Barber) read excerpts to the biggest audience at a Barnes and Noble book signing short of a Harry Potter release. And they had the audience rolling.

I knew I was in for a good time when my good friend Donna Moore ,(the creative force behind the soon to be Broadway production Cougar), called me earlier in the day and asked me if I wanted to come and support her friend’s book signing.

Well the bellow of a laugh I let loose when she told me the title made everyone in the crowded Starbucks stop and look.

Now the obvious question is why would I, a confirmed legs man, be writing about Big Fat Asses or BFAs as the authors refer to them. And what does this topic have to do with living your life as a practice?

The answer: Everything!

At the book signing a lady with a BFA (actually she was behind me I couldn’t verify), asked the authors if they had gotten any flack for the book.

They replied that they had.

Some people are offended by the title, and some expressed concern that the book encourages women to be fat. Their response to this second concern is what made me see the connection to The Practice of Your Life (this blog’s theme).

Janette and Laura said that the book is about playfully accepting your body as it is, which is the necessary first step to transformation or allowing your body to become any slimmer version than it now is.

Not their exact words but essentially what they meant.

I couldn’t agree more. So many men and women go around resisting what is, that they keep it in place.

There is no space for what they say they want to show up because they are busy resisting the crap job/body/relationship that’s there now.

Transformation/law of attraction 101: Stop resisting what is. All resistance does is keep what you don’t want in place.

Embracing Your Big Fat Ass shows women how to be comfortable with the way they are in a very humorous way.

This is an important message because the funny thing about things that are not accepted or acknowledged is that they keep showing up until they are.

Even if it takes the rest of your life.

By the way if you want to see why Osama and the boys hate our freedoms, click here. This kind of self-expression just has to be stopped. 😉

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