Don’t they make life interesting?

I’m tending to quite a few at the moment, and I am finding it interesting to notice where I make life more difficult than it needs to me. My biggest breakdowns are in the area of technology. I was advised that a complete reinstallation of my operating system on a new hard drive was the best solution to my desktop problems.

Well this has resulted in a host of new problems not the least of which is the loss of all of my playlists and song ratings on itunes. Can I solve this? Most definitely but at what cost?

I’m reminded of the book “e-Myth” where the author talks about the importance of systems. He could not be more correct. The primary goal of systems should be to allow you to spend as close to 100% of your time as possible on your most productive (revenue generating) activities. This currently is my greatest challenge. I’m spending about 70% of my time on breakdowns, the majority of which are technology related.

Today my brother asked me, “why not just use your laptop?” Hmmmm, for one my desktop is much more comforable to work on, with its 24″ screen and wireless keyboard and mouse. But he’s right. I realize that I could reduce 50% of my technical breakdowns by dealing with only one computer. Perhaps it is time to cave in to my Mac desire and cross over to the white side.

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.