The importance of visualization

The other morning,as I looked at my rather round belly, which has gotten noticeably bigger over the last 3 weeks, I was reminded that I’ve been ineffective in causing the flat six-pack stomach that I dream of.

My exercise practice has been ineffective.

Similarly as I was doing some Yoga poses I was also reminded of my goal to be able to touch my toes with a perfectly straight back … you know like those Yoga masters do. The legs are completely straight and the body seems to fold over at the hip. No bending (curving) of the lower back.

What’s clear is that I’ve lost sight of my goals. Without a clear reminder of what it is I’m creating distractions creep in. Good reminder to take my own medicine. Create visual reminders of what it is I’m up to in life and develop a daily practice of bringing it into my consciousness. This creates the context for my day and helps me to make the choices that are consistent with what I’m up to.

Note that I’m not talking about the airy/fairy stuff of visualization as THE mechanism of achieving your goals, but rather as a sort of North Star or reminder of where you’re going so that you stay on course.

Check up on me in 6 months. My flat belly should make it easier to touch my toes with a straight back.

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  1. Start with the knees bent, your back will be more straight and it will probably allow you to touch your feet. From there on, gradually straighten the legs a little bit more every time you’re in this pose and keep breathing fluently… Besides this pose you could do salabhasana that will help strengthen your determination to achieve what you want! Good luck with this aim and all the others!

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