Your health

Don’t take it for granted. On October 21st 2007 my friend Greg married the woman of his dreams. Picture perfect wedding with loved ones in attendance. Couldn’t get any better than that. Life is good.

About a month later Greg’s new wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (melanoma) and their world was turned upside down. They have been bravely facing their greatest challenge together and their courage and strength continues to inspire me.

Mags’ (Greg’s wife) situation also got me thinking about the law of attraction and the belief held by a growing number of people that illness is a manifestation of some incompletion (hate, hurt, anger etc.) that a person is carrying around with them. A friend tells me that Louise Hay is one of the major proponents of this philosophy of care, and while I have never read her work she seems to have had great results in healing herself and others through healing the mind and soul first.

Makes me think of Mags though. Here is someone who seems so happy with herself and life that it’s hard to believe that she has any such incompletion that could cause her such a disease. Which leaves one of two explanations: (1) either disease is out of our control all together and we are subject to the karma of genetics and environment, or (2) that even people who are apparently happy and at peace on the surface can be carrying negative emotions that can be manifested in terrible diseases.

Really food for thought. Maybe there is some middle ground between the two. I’ll be discussing this for some time yet I think. In the meantime please visit Greg’s blog about Mags at Your attention will focus healing energy towards her full recovery.

Be well.

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.