Your relationship to the way things are

Fundamental practice #1 is to observe and notice. Start paying attention to your relationship to the way things are: the government, the environment, getting ahead, making money, your mother, your husband etc. Do you notice you have a set story or conversation about all of these things? What’s your conversation about each of them? Pay attention.

Is it a creative positive conversation or a destructive negative conversation?

Where did you get this conversation from?

Careful research?

Or did you pick it up from somewhere?


From whom?

How does your conversation about these things, actually pick one, color your world?

Let’s say a relative, or your job, or work, or politicians or a politician. Just pick one.

You have it that this thing, issue or person is a certain way. Do you accept it or resist it? And why do you resist it? Can you see the relationship of your story/conversation about this person, issue or thing to your resistance of that person, issue or thing? Have you checked to see that your story is true/valid/accurate?

Ok enough with the questions already. Major point is to just observe and notice how you cling to stories that aren’t true, and aren’t even yours.

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.