Food price rises concerning anyone?

Today in the Wall Street Journal there’s an article that’s headed “Food Inflation, Riots Spark Worries for World Leaders.” Does this occur to anyone else like one of these fake headlines from a movie plot that leads to some huge special effects scene two-thirds into the movie?

The scene opens with images of rioting in different countries in the world. Cut to the hero getting ready for work, CNN in the background with more of the same images, you hear the anchor saying something about shortages and possible famine on a scale not seen in modern times. And of course the newspaper headline.

Then there’s the special effects finish with the glaciers slipping off into the oceans in one or two fell swoops and then the tidal waves and man, the special effects are truly epic. Have you seen it?

Maybe I’ve been watching too many apocalyptic movies but the fact is that I have a strong sense of us heading into the mother of all earth crises. The fact that I think there is some significance to the year 2012 and that there is a universal law of consequence adds weight to my sense of foreboding.

It is supremely arrogant to thing that we do not have an impact on this planet and that we could irreversibly affect the quality of life to an extent that results in the death of billions of people or even the complete eradication of our species.

So what to do about it is entirely your choice. Be clear though, that continuing life as usual only means that you are part of the problem, not the solution. Leaving it up to politicians is a vote for ‘let the disaster play out and see who survives’.

Taking no action may also be a reflection of thinking that it can’t possibly affect me here in (fill in your country). Politicians will react when they see that people really care about something and are really to sacrifice their short-term interests to cause a change.

The fact is that our current way of life in the West is UNSUSTAINABLE. It cannot continue, and the rise of China and India, following our path in the West to prosperity is hastening our moment of reckoning.

Annie Leonard is doing something about this, and you can see her contribution on “The Story of Stuff.” If you take the time to watch this video, note your reactions to it. Notice the voice in your head and what it says. Notice whether the voice in your head is quick to agree with what she’s saying or quick to disagree. If the latter look to see at what point you completely turn off? Or perhaps you are not strongly moved one way or another and then she says one thing, and then you shut off. Ask yourself why? What pre-conceived notions do you have that cause you to react however you react to what Annie says? Where do these notions come from? And how, really how, do you know that your pre-conceived notions are valid?

I hope that you get value in listening to what Annie has to say, especially in terms of living your life as a practice.

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.