Work. What does the word bring up for you?

This is important. Our quick fix culture is all about getting it all now. We the people hate work. Free is the biggest eye-catcher in the marketing lexicon. We want it and we don’t want to pay for it or do anything to earn it. Yet we all know that you can’t get something without doing something first. As you sow, so shall you reap. Every great religion has its metaphors to get this point across.

So where does this attitude to work come from? There’s much support for this attitude coming from the days of slavery and it makes great debate material, but for our purpose, it doesn’t matter really. Knowing where this attitude comes from isn’t necessary for you to acknowledge that it exists or to change it.

First acknowledge that you look forward to almost all forms of work with the same enthusiasm you have for a long line, root canal, hemorrhoids or a rash. If you don’t, congratulations and you can read this as an aid to recognizing this attitude in others. If you do then congratulations also. Acknowledging a bad attitude to work is the first step to transforming it into one that “works”. 😉

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.