What a difference a simple action can make

So I have some friends and family that love me. They took the time to read my first post. As for all the rest of ’em … you know who you are, and I know where you live.

Seriously, one thing that I got from taking this one very simple act of writing my first post, is the difference one simple act can make in my own life and the lives of others. My first posting caused someone else to take action on something that she had been postponing, and she was kind enough to acknowledge me for it. It also caused me to update my profile on Linked-in, which I had also been putting off for months, and in so doing re-connect with some people who played major roles in my life.

From the responses I am reminded of the wisdom of the people around me and especially of the brilliant wit of my fellow Trinidadians. Really makes me feel good to be alive.

For some of the people I reached out to about this blog, it’s not clear on what a blog is or why I’m doing it. My dutch dad, God bless him, was supportive but didn’t see how I would make money. 😉

Well I’m not telling, partly because I don’t have all of the answers myself. However I will say this: If you’re up to something in life whether it’s golf or eradicating poverty your actions every day will tell whether you have integrity about that thing (that you say you’re up to) or not.

Not everything requires daily attention to move it forward, -you will know or discover what frequency is required to maintain proficiency or improve – but they all require attention. This attention to the things that matter in your life is what I call your life practice. There is no quick fix. You’ll always care for your garden.

For me, this blog is part of my life practice. It’s a place where I observe and notice what works and doesn’t work in my own life practice. It’s also a place where I can “practice” articulating what this could mean to others. Stay tuned for the book “The Practice of Your Life.”

Any thoughts? Contributions/acknowledgments welcome.